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    Grow Your Business From Idea To Market

    With Our Creative Cloud-based Solutions!

  • Conversion analyse

    ESOFT GROUP integrates effective solutions for conversion and lead analyses

    CAC calculation

    ESOFT GROUP suggests how to calculate Customer Acquisition Cost.

    LTV improvement

    ESOFT GROUP builds attribute models to improve Life Time Values

  • Additional Services


    We can do more!

  • Graphic Design

    Cloud Computing

    Three categories of Cloud Computing is as follows:

    • SaaS applications are designed for endusers, delivered over the web

    • IaaS is the hardware and software

    that powers it all – servers, storage,

    networks, operating systems

    Internet Marketing SEO

    IT Audit

    We do the IT Audit according to international standards; ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CMMI  

    Business Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    In today’s competitive business environment, quick decision making is the key for organizations to survive and expand. Therefore we suggest smart AI solutions for information management and integrated insights into the business performance, analysis, and informative reports help organizations make real-time and meaningful decisions.

    Mobile Development

    Mobile Development

    iOS application

    Android application

    Windows phone application



    Web Development

    Web Development

    Responsive graphic design
    HTML5 / CSS3/JavaScript
    E-commerce websites
    Corporate websites


  • Careers

    Life is not about finding yourself.

    It is about creating yourself!

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